The Landsharks played several times at The SUPER BOWL.  New England Patriots
Super Bowl Victory Party

    The Landsharks played the Super Bowl Victory Party for the New England Patriots Football team, after their win, at the SUPER BOWL.

 NBC Television
Super Bowl Pre-Game Party at The Super Bowl

NEWS: The Landsharks played at the NBC SUPER BOWL PARTY!

    The Landsharks were the band that played at the NBC Universal Super Bowl Pre-Game party at George Steinbrenner Stadium (Part of the Super Bowl complex). The band also played at The Marquis Jet VIP Party. The parties were star-studded affairs with many celebrities and prominent sports figures in attendance including Bruce Springsteen's guitar player, Steve Van Zandt. Also, in attendance were world heavyweight champ, Evander Holyfield, TV football analysts, Jimmy Johnson and Chris Berman, Jeff Goldblum, and many more,

 NFL Players Alumni
Super Bowl Pre-Game Party at The Super Bowl

    The Landsharks played the NFL Alumni association's Super Bowl pre-game party!