The Landsharks
Are you afraid of having too much fun? 
Then watch out for Gary Roland & The Landsharks Band!

Gary Roland
& The Landsharks Band

 As one of the most well-known, well-liked, and in-demand beach bands in the world, The Landsharks have performed at thousands of concerts and shows, everywhere! Gary & The Landsharks have appeared with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, and also at Margaritaville, and they've also opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert. They have performed at The Super Bowl for The New England Patriots Victory Party. They've played over 200 shows in Disney, and Universal Studios, and they've played for the troops, overseas, many times!...and much, much more! So…what are The Landsharks? ........The Landsharks are fun, interactive, and entertaining. And they know how to "get a crowd going". They are excellent, top-notch musicians, who are great showmen. And a "Landshark" is also anyone who is ready to have a good time! At a Landsharks concert, everyone gets to see a great show, listen to great music, and have an INCREDIBLE amount of fun!

The Landsharks are great musicians!

The Landsharks are fun!

 The Landsharks travel the world playing at concerts, festivals, and more! The Landsharks have played at many major events and venues, everywhere. Millions of fans have seen The Landsharks..... Have you? The Landsharks have played at Margaritaville, at Disney World, at Cheeseburger in Paradise, at Universal Studios, and at too many cool places to mention. Look for The Landsharks near you!  At a Landsharks Concert, EVERYONE is a part of the show! The Landsharks will have you singing along, dancing, and having fun all night long! A Landsharks concert is a high-energy, non-stop show!  The Landsharks play music for everyone! The Landsharks have a huge repertoire of songs that they can play to fit any situation! The Landsharks play at all types of shows and events including concerts, festivals, and more! TWO TRIBUTE SHOWS The Landsharks play two tribute shows.


The Landsharks have played, in concert with both of their tribute artists!.....
There is nothing like a Landsharks Concert!