"The Landsharks knew the songs better than I did!" ......Jimmy Buffett
The Landsharks Band
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The Landsharks Band
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The Landsharks have played with, backed up, and also, opened up for Jimmy Buffett in Concert, in Key West, and also, at Margaritaville.  After performing with The Landsharks, Jimmy Buffett hired The Landsharks ON THE SPOT to be the "House Band" at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville!  Don’t believe it? Just ask Jimmy Buffett himself! The Landsharks were performing in Key West, for the "Parrotheads In Paradise National Convention"(PHIP), when Jimmy Buffett made a surprise appearance and joined the Landsharks onstage. Buffett was so impressed with the band that he hired them "on the spot" to play regularly at his Margaritaville Cafe. And you never know when Jimmy Buffett might just walk into a Landshark show and start "playing with the Landsharks!"

        The Landsharks Band is the world's premier Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band. This tribute band is one of the most popular tribute bands around! The band combines crack-musicianship with a fun, interactive, and entertaining show.  And the band's credentials are amazing, to say the least. The Landsharks have played with Jimmy Buffett in concert, in Key West, Florida, and at Margaritaville. And they've played Jimmy Buffett tribute shows and Parrothead concerts, all over the world!

        The Landsharks are FUN and they know how to work a crowd! Just ask Jimmy Buffett himself; after playing with The Landsharks Band in concert, in Key West, Florida, Buffett praised the band and hired them "on the spot" to be the house band at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe.

In this Radio Margaritaville interview,
Jimmy Buffett describes
playing with The Landsharks at

VIDEO: Jimmy Buffett talking about The Landsharks on Radio Margaritaville.

        In this video, Jimmy Buffett describes how he hired The Landsharks to be the house band at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe.


        The Landsharks Band is a group of excellent musicians that work very hard to play the Jimmy Buffett songs to the highest level of excellence possible.  All The parts are there.....Steel Drums, Horns, Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Bass , Keyboards, Piano, Organ, etc.....and Vocals. And The Landsharks nail them!

        After playing with The Landsharks at Margaritaville OrlandoJimmy Buffett, in a Radio Margaritaville interview (with Radio Margaritaville-Sirius Radio Boss Steve Huntington), said that he'd had a lot of fun and that "The Landsharks are great showmen" and "they really knew how to put on a show".  He also added that up until playing with The Landsharks, Buffett had been afraid to allow bands to play his music at Margaritaville, but after playing with the Landsharks, he decided to allow it.

        In an appearance on stage at Universal Studio's Margaritaville at CITYWALK, Buffett also said that when he first played with the Landsharks in Key West, "The Landsharks knew the songs better than I did!" Buffett has over 500 songs, so it's expected that every once in a while, he might flub a lyric or two....but you get the point.

        Just like Buffett, being fun and entertaining is easy for The Landsharks.  In addition to playing most Buffett songs, they have an incredible song list of so many different styles of music that they can play virtually any type of show. Over the years, The Landsharks have played concerts, corporate conventions, fairs, festivals, casinos, cruises, and just about any other type of event. Every event is unique in its' own way.

         Top-notch musicians with vast experience that know how to play your favorite Jimmy Buffett songs the way they should be played!


              The Landsharks

 The Landsharks played at The Jimmy Buffett Movie "Hoot'" wrap-party, and also at Jimmy Buffett's Landshark Lager Grand Pre-concert VIP party at the Jimmy Buffett Concert.
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