Gary Roland & 
The Landsharks Band Gary Roland & The Landsharks Band can play at your Wedding!
 Gary & The Landsharks Band can play at your Wedding! Gary and the band have performed at many Vero Beach weddings, including wedding events at The Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, Costa D'este, The Moorings, Johns Island, The Vero Beach Country Club, Dodgertown, Dodger Pines Country Club, and virtually every wedding venue in Vero Beach. The band plays a wide variety of music and can give you the presentation that you desire for a beautiful wedding reception. The Landsharks have performed at wedding receptions at some of the finest wedding venues in the world, including weddings in Disney, weddings at The Palm Beach Breakers, weddings at Ritz Carlton (in Naples, Miami, Amelia Island), weddings in Palm Springs, California, in New York, New Jersey, Key West, Florida, and all over the world!

The band has performed at hundreds of Vero Beach Weddings including weddings at Johns Island, Sea Oaks, The Moorings, Quail Valley, The Vero Beach Hotel and Resort, and at most other Vero Beach wedding venues. The Landsharks have also performed at Dodgertown, at Vero Downtown, at The Vero Beach festival, at Vero Sunset Saturdays, and at several Vero Beach art festivals and street festivals. For information, please email