California Band: The Landsharks


California Band, The Landsharks plays at concerts, conventions, parties, weddings, and all types of events! The Landsharks can play all of your favorite California songs, and also play a huge songlist of all other styles and songs!
After performing with Landsharks, Jimmy Buffett hired The Landsharks to be the house band at Margaritaville, and The Landsharks became part of beach music history.  As one of the most popular beach bands in the world, The Landsharks have an impressive resume, including opening up for, backing up, and playing with Jimmy Buffett, in concert, and opening up for The Beach Boys, in concert.  The Band has even played at The Super Bowl, several times! A Landsharks show is fun and interactive, and The Landsharks really know how to get a crowd going! The Landsharks perform a Premier Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert, and also, a Premier Beach Boys Tribute Concert, and The Landsharks also play a HUGE song list of many other artists, songs, and styles! Hire The Landsharks to play at your Parrothead concert, Jimmy Buffett Tribute concert, or Beach Boys Tribute show!

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The Landsharks: A California Band

    The Landsharks Band is a California Band that plays a huge songlist, as well as playing all of your favorite California songs!  The band has played in concert with The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, played at Super Bowl Parties, and much more! The Landsharks play concerts, festivals, and California weddings. Besides playing all of the best California songs, the band also can play a Beach Boys Tribute Show and a Jimmy Buffett Tribute show, along with some California Surf Music, Some California Beach Music, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and more. The band plays a WIDE VARIETY of music and also a HUGE SONG LIST. 

A California Beach Band

    The Landsharks Band is a California Beach band! They have toured all over California, performing at  California Beach weddings, California Concerts, California Weddings, and many other California events! The Landsharks have opened for the Beach Boys, in concert and also Jimmy Buffett.  They are a California Beach band, a California Convention Band, and a California Wedding band.  The band has played at Concerts (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Coronado) Conventions (San Diego), Festivals (Napa Valley Wine Festivals) Fairs, and weddings in Beverly Hills, Burbank, San Diego, Coronado, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Hose. and at many other venues.

Landsharks Band Opened For The Beach Boys!

Landsharks Band is a California Band. Click
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The Landsharks Band opened for Jimmy Buffett!

Landsharks Band Plays in Disney!

Landsharks Band plays Concerts, Conventions, Festivals, and Weddings!
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