Concert Merchandise
Tee Shirts, CDs, Itunes, Hula Hoops, Inflatable Sharks, Hawaiian Laisse

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Landsharks Band tee shirts, tank tops, inflatable sharks, hula hoops, inflatable guitars and saxophones, and tambourines are available for your guests and can be purchased at a bulk discount! The Landsharks can provide each one or any of your guests with a Landsharks "Party Kit" (A Landsharks CD, A Landsharks Band Tee Shirt or Tank-top, a Landsharks sticker, and inflatable shark, an inflatable guitar, and inflatable saxophone, a tambourine, a Hawaiian Laisse, a hula Hoop, and more!)

Landsharks Tee Shirts and Tank Tops $15 each

Brand New
Landsharks song!


Inflatable Landsharks $5 each

Landsharks Leis $5 each
Fun Bands: The Landsharks Band

Hula Hoops $15 each

Landsharks Stickers- $1

Call TOLL FREE at 1 - 866 - 426 - 6536

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