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The Landsharks have played for our troops, overseas!


One of the finest audiences in the world is a United States Armed Forces Show audience!  America's armed forces are one of the most appreciative audiences The Band has ever played for! The Landsharks Band is always honored to play for the armed forces and the band has played shows for the U.S. Navy, The U.S.A.F., The U.S. Army and enjoyed the show very much.

The Landsharks played for the Marines in California, 2008!

In Concert- Japan

Landsharks and Airsharks
The Landsharks performed at
(Cape Canaveral Air Force Station)

The Landsharks Band has played Armed Forces shows for the United States Air force, The United states Navy, The United States Army, and The United States Coast Coast Guard!  And the band was honored to do so!

The Landsharks played for the armed forces in the Bahamas in October, 2008!

Landsharks Band Armed Forces Entertainment

    The Landsharks Armed Forces Show Band has performed at Armed Forces events all over the world.  The band is the ultimate armed forces show band and can provide top quality armed forces entertainment!  The band has played for the troops in Japan, Europe, The U.S. and throughout the world.  The Landsharks Armed Forces show band is an excellent choice for your United States Armed Forces Entertainment!
    The Band has played at shows for the Marines, the Navy, The Air force, and The Coast Guard.  They have played at armed forces events in Japan, Europe, Singapore, The Bahamas, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and at many other bases around the world.  The Landsharks Armed Forces show is packed with fun and entertainment.  The band has learned that military audiences can be the best audiences there are.  Each time The Landsharks plays a show at a military base, they come away from the event feeling honored to play for such an esteemed and well-deserving audience.
    Please ask your base recreation director/supervisor to book the Landsharks Band to play at your event.

The Landsharks Played The super Bowl Victory Party!

The Landsharks were opening act for the Beach Boys!

Landsharks Band Tees given away as prizes at every Armed Forces Show!

The Landsharks played with Jimmy Buffett!

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