There is nothing like a Landsharks concert!

One of the World's Most Popular Beach Bands

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LANDSHARKS The Landsharks with Jimmy Buffett in Key West and at Margaritaville.
 *After Performing with The Landsharks in Key West, Jimmy Buffett hired them "ON THE SPOT" to be the house band at Margaritaville. 

The Landsharks in concert with The Beach Boys in North Carolina and also Florida. 
 *The Landsharks were selected from over 200 bands to open up for The Beach Boys.

The Landsharks play at The Super Bowl. 
 *The Landsharks played The Super Bowl Victory Party AT THE SUPER BOWL

The Landsharks in Disney.
 *The Landsharks have played over 300 shows in Disney!

The Landsharks in Europe.
 *See the Landsharks perform in Paris and Dublin. Jimmy Buffett Radio Margaritaville interview.
 *In this Radio Margaritaville Interview, Jimmy Buffett talks about playing with The Landsharks at Margaritaville. Interview HERE Jimmy Buffett Talks Landsharks in concert.
 *In this Video Clip, Jimmy Buffett talks about playing with The Landsharks in Key West. Video HERE The Landsharks Cruise
 *Cruise with The Landsharks Band (and friends) on The Landsharks Cruise to Aruba, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, and Miami!
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Gary Roland & The Landsharks Band

The Landsharks Saxophonist.

The Landsharks Steel Drummer



Coming Soon: The Florida Trop Rock Festival

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